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Beaded necklace kit

Beaded necklace kit
Item# SK-753
$8.00, 2/$14.00, 10/$60.00
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Product Description

(Colors may be mixed for quantity discount)

Everything you need to complete a beaded necklace on your KumiLoom™!. Click on the above image for an enlarged example of a completed project.

This kit includes:

  • 4 skeins of embroidery floss
  • One tube of beads (about 250 size 6/0)
  • Wide eye needle (for stringing your beads)
  • End cap set, 4˝mm, assembled and ready to attach
  • Instructions

Once you have your loom and have mastered the basic round braid, you're ready to create a necklace with beautiful beads. This is easily done (check out our YouTube video for beaded necklaces using the KumiLoom™). This kit has plenty of thread for a beaded necklace just about as long as you could want (up to a maximum of about 22 inches), with enough cord usually left over for a small friendship bracelet.

The instruction sheet includes step-by-step directions for an 8-strand round braid using 6/0 beads plus directions for 16-strand round braid using 8/0 beads (if you would rather have size 8/0 beads please put that in your comments and we'll substitute).

The beads will be in colors that complement the cord colors. They have special finishes such as iridescent or frosted. Choose your color scheme and enjoy!

Here are details on some of the color schemes:

  • Southwestern: One turquoise and three desert sunset shades
  • Bouquet: Three floral purples and blues, one soft green
  • Cool Seaside: Shades of ocean, bright blues and greens
  • Bar Harbor: Grey-blues, grey-browns
  • Peacock Feeather: Deep blue-purple, chartreuse, teal, golden brown
Pictured here is a sample kit showing you everything we have included: